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Friday, 24 January 2014


Thanks to James Gracey for his review of my film at his passionate horror site Behind the Couch. It's one of my favourite horror review sites which I keep returning to, and a must for horror fans. James is the author of 'Dario Argento' (Kamera Books) & contributor to Paracinema, Exquisite Terror and Diabolique.

Review here:


  1. I've also been a regular visitor of "Behind the Couch" recently, and got the link to your movie, and your blog, from there. I am very moved by what I saw and I must undertake to openly and honestly admit that it is among the most finest and poignant I've seen in a long time.

    I know it might be an unhealthy reaction, but I got a diffuse and very vague feeling that I wanted to help this woman.

    But, in all, really beautiful! Many greetings from Sweden, which will hopefully soon be able to see a little spring

  2. Thanks very much for your feedback, Daniel. It's good to hear your reaction as a viewer and really glad it has that effect. I always hope that some of the atmosphere come across in some way. I hope you get a chance to view some of my other films and writing here. I hope things are getting better in Sweden and not as moody as here in London.

    1. I have or try to have, great respect for mental anguish. Without going too deep into details, I can tell you that mental suffering and self-injury was something that struck a very close person to me last year, a person who later committed suicide. I gradually might well conclude that the psychosis was not far away for her if things had ended differently.

      But regardless, and well before this happened, I had and still have a "soft spot" for disturbed women on film. I have only rarely or never seen it this way. This, I think, you should be proud of.

      Take care of yourself!

      / Daniel